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Beer Pairing Dinner #8: A Fuse Viking Run Amok (what happens when employees go on vacation) August 22nd

Füse Restaurant


1002 Broad Street

Augusta, GA – 30901


(706) 305-1029


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Fuse Restaurant


Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri:
Late Lunch 3pm to 5pm
Dinner 5pm to 10pm

Brunch 11am to 3pm
Late Lunch 3pm to 5pm
Dinner 5pm to 11pm

Brunch 11am to 3pm
Late Lunch 3pm to 5pm
Dinner 5pm to 9pm


*we will be open April 4th*

About Füse

“ReFüse boring food. ReFüse bad böoze.”

With this motto, Fuse is commited to offer creative cuisine and a great selection of craft beer and spirits in the heart of downtown Augusta.

Fuse is a chef-driven, family-owned restaurant and beer bar. The concept is simple: an ever-changing menu inspired by what’s in season, the day’s weather or the chef’s latest obsession. You will find Southern dishes as well as other American specialties, renditions of well-known international gastronomy, and some not-so-common culinary experiments. Items will stay or go from the menu according to popularity and availability of the ingredients.

As beer lovers, a great deal of our efforts will go to the selection of the craft beers on tap, and many others in bottle, that again will be regularly rotated. Our beverage list will be complemented by an assortment of wines and liquors, and topped with our home-designed bold and savory cocktails.

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Eric Draper

Head Chef

Eric started off his career at the iconic Caioti Pizza Café in Hollywood, California, home to the late Chef Ed Ladou, ¨The Prince of Pizza¨. This sparked the idea of world cuisine and an ¨anything goes¨ food attitude in Eric at the age of 19. He later moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he worked in various restaurants, learning from their diverse standpoints: Grand Rapids Brewing Co. introduced the beer cooking concept, One Trick Pony helped out with the creative Italian fusion ideas, and Bistro Bella Vita, with an upscale French-Italian seasonal approach, fine tuned his attention to detail.

Once in Seattle, Eric started focusing more seriously in the restaurant industry. From award winning Café Flora vegetarian restaurant, Eric worked his way up to sous chef at Italian-themed fine dining restaurant Il Fornaio. He then took over the head chef position at Brouwer’s Café where he pushed the limits of pub fare and creative seasonal cooking to the top level without being pretentious.

Eric’s last few years were spent in Mexico learning authentic Mexican cooking, focusing on street food and homemade classics while writing recipes for Tabasco hot sauce’s website.

When he is not cooking, he can be found making and testing out his handmade boomerangs.

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